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The lake off of Kande Beach is home to some amazing dive sites with a rich diversity of underwater topography and fish.  Below are descriptions of a few them. There are many more, and even more waiting to be discovered. If you would like to go an exploration dive let us know and we can take you along to chart some unexplored part of this vast water-body.
The Outer Reef - This dive is great introduction to the varied topography that the lake has to offer.  From sandy areas covered with bizarre moon-like craters (made by the cichlid fish themselves) to swim throughs and even a couple small wrecks, there is plenty to explore.

Kande Island - Kande Island sits just a 5 minute boat ride from our beach side dive center and is a great wall dive which offers loads of cool rock formations, a swim through and great fish diversity.  If your good on your air we can make it all the way around in one tank, otherwise it makes for a great lazy two-dive package.

John's Reef - One of our deeper sites John's Reef is famous its huge catfish which reach up to 2 meters in length.  You will also find massive schools of thousands of usipa and utaka here.

Makuzi Island - Located just a short boat trip north of us this enchanting little island is exploding with various cichlid species that will dart in and out of your path so that you won't know which way to turn.  But don't all our dives are guided by expert Divemasters with loads of experience in the Lake and a passion of its unique diversity.