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At Aquanuts we are passionate about diving and Lake Malawi. Scuba diving opens up a new and amazing aquatic world to anyone who is willing to take the plunge. And Lake Malawi is one of the most fascinating and unique environments in that aquatic world. For those who have never tried SCUBA, we invite you to begin your journey with us, and for experienced divers we offer to show you an underwater world like none you have ever seen before, freshwater tropical diving at its very best.
At Aquanuts there are all kinds of ways that you can explore the lake. From shore diving right off of our beach-side center, to boat diving out at Kande Island or any of the other 10 sites within easy reach of our two dive boats, there is always something new to explore. Aquanuts is also the only dive center in all of Malawi to offer DPVís (Diver Propulsion Vehicles) for rent. Or why donít you join us on a night dive to see the amazing dolphin-fish that hunt by moonlight. The possibilities are nearly endless.
Lake Malawiís calm, clear, and warm, waters make it the ideal place to start, or continue, your scuba diving education. At Aquanuts we are committed to providing you with a professional, safe, and fun educational experience. Diving,whether viewed as a sport, a relaxing past-time, or an oppurtunity for exploration, is serious fun that deserves to be taken seriously. At Aquanuts we also believe that training divers to appreciate and respect the new aquatic environment to which we are introducing them is extremely important. Scuba divers have the awesome ability to discover a world that very few people will ever see, and at Aquanuts it is our duty to make sure that those we bring into that world do not contribute to its destruction. Come, learn, and be amazed!